Sr. Pastor


Sr. Pastor

Alan Thompson - Sr. Pastor

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I have been the senior pastor since October 2000. This is the fourth church I have served as pastor. My first church was in rural Missouri where I served for five years. From there I went back home and was pastor for 14 years in Phoenix, Arizona. God lead me from there to Kentucky for four years and then here. 

I claim Arizona to be my home state. I graduated from High School in Superior, Arizona in 1970 and went on to graduate from Grand Canyon College in 1975 (Southern Baptist College in Phoenix). After that I went to Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and graduated in 1981 with a Master's degree in Congregational Ministry. Several years later I went back to Midwestern and earned my Doctorate of Ministry and graduated in 2011.My wife (Beth) and I were married in 1974 as I started my senior year in college. We have two sons; Timothy of Lakewood, Colorado and Michael of Phoenix, Arizona. We have nine grand-children that we have the privilege of entertaining for several weeks each summer. 

My heart and passion is making disciples. I have seen the greatest success in doing that in two years: One is by planning churches. We have planted five churches that meet or have met on our campus. The other way I have seen much success in making disciples is on mission trips. I have been in about 21 different countries (mostly in Africa). 

I collect rocks, marbles, and sea shells. Actually I collect a lot of stuff but those are my main interests. I enjoy working with our missionaries in Tijuana and my biggest thrill is teaching. I have the gift of gab and can get long winded if I'm not careful. I love God and His Bride (the Church).